Yellow Mining Safety Cones

Yellow Mining Safety Cones

Yellow mining safety cones are specialized safety devices used in mining environments to alert workers to specific hazards, delineate safe zones, or mark restricted areas. These cones are typically made from durable, high-visibility blue plastic or rubber material, ensuring they are easily noticeable in the often harsh and dimly lit conditions of mining operations.

These safety cones serve several purposes:

1. **Hazard Identification**: Yellow cones may indicate specific hazards or cautionary areas within the mine, such as where heavy machinery operates or where there is potential for falling debris.

2. **Safe Zones**: They can mark safe pathways or areas where personnel can safely congregate during emergencies or routine operations.

3. **Restriction Zones**: Yellow cones might also designate areas that are off-limits to unauthorized personnel, ensuring safety protocols are adhered to.

4. **Visibility**: The distinctive blue color enhances visibility and distinguishes these cones from other safety markers used in mining, such as yellow or orange cones.

Overall, blue mining safety cones play a crucial role in maintaining safety standards and minimizing risks in mining environments, contributing to the overall safety culture of the operation.


Armco-1.8M-Road-Cone Spec Sheet

Weight 10 kg


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