Wire Rope Safety Fence

Wire Rope Safety Fence

A Wire Rope Safety Fence, also known as a cable barrier or wire rope barrier, is a type of road safety barrier designed to prevent vehicles from leaving the roadway and crossing into oncoming traffic or other hazardous areas. Here’s an overview of its features, benefits, and applications:

### Description:

– **Construction**: Typically consists of multiple strands of tensioned steel wire ropes or cables running horizontally between posts.

– **Posts**: Supported by sturdy posts spaced at regular intervals (typically 3 to 4 meters apart) along the roadside.

– **Energy Absorption**: Designed to absorb and dissipate the kinetic energy of a vehicle upon impact by allowing the wires to deflect and deform.

### Features and Benefits:

– **Flexibility**: Offers flexibility upon impact, which helps to redirect the vehicle along the barrier and mitigate the severity of the crash.

– **Minimal Vehicle Damage**: Generally causes less damage to vehicles compared to rigid barriers like concrete or metal guardrails.

– **Cost-Effectiveness**: Often more cost-effective to install and maintain than traditional rigid barriers.

– **Effective in Various Conditions**: Suitable for various road conditions, including straightaways, curves, and slopes.

– **Compatibility**: Can be integrated with other safety systems, such as crash cushions or end terminals, to enhance overall safety.

### Applications:

– **Highways and Freeways**: Used extensively on high-speed roadways to prevent vehicles from crossing medians or leaving the roadway.

– **Work Zones**: Deployed in construction zones to protect workers and equipment from errant vehicles.

– **Dividers**: Installed as median barriers to separate opposing lanes of traffic and reduce the risk of head-on collisions.

### Standards and Regulations:

– **Testing and Certification**: Subjected to rigorous testing and certification to ensure compliance with safety standards such as NCHRP 350 in the United States or EN 1317 in Europe.

– **Installation Requirements**: Installed according to specific guidelines regarding post spacing, tensioning of cables, and end treatments to optimize effectiveness.

### Maintenance:

– **Regular Inspections**: Routine inspections are necessary to check for any damage, ensure proper tension of cables, and confirm that the barrier remains capable of performing as intended.

Wire Rope Safety Fences are an important component of road safety infrastructure, providing effective protection for motorists and pedestrians by minimizing the potential for severe accidents and controlling vehicle movements in critical areas.


Wire Rope Safety Fence Spec Sheet


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