Trend CEN End Terminal

Trend CEN End Terminal

The Trend CEN End Terminal is a specific type of end treatment system designed for road safety, particularly for use with guardrails. Here’s an overview based on typical features and functionalities of such systems:

### Description:

– **Guardrail End Treatment**: The Trend CEN End Terminal is designed to be installed at the end of guardrails to enhance safety by absorbing and dissipating the energy of an impacting vehicle.

– **European Standards**: It is likely designed and tested to meet European standards, such as EN 1317, which specify the performance requirements for road restraint systems.

– **Impact Absorption**: Like other end terminals, the Trend CEN is designed to absorb the impact energy of a vehicle, thereby reducing the severity of injuries and damage during a collision.

### Features and Benefits:

– **All Steel Construction**: Typically constructed from durable materials like steel, ensuring longevity and robust performance.

– **Ease of Installation**: Designed for relatively straightforward installation onto existing guardrail systems, minimizing installation time and disruptions to traffic flow.

– **Reusability**: Some components of the Trend CEN End Terminal may be designed to be reusable after a collision, reducing replacement costs and downtime.

– **Compatibility**: Designed to be compatible with various types of guardrails and barrier systems commonly used in Europe.

### Applications:

– **Highways and Roads**: Installed on highways, rural roads, and other locations where guardrails are used to enhance safety and mitigate crash impact.

– **Work Zones**: Particularly important in work zones where temporary barriers are deployed to protect workers and motorists.

### Compliance and Safety:

– **European Norms**: Compliance with EN 1317 standards ensures that the Trend CEN End Terminal meets rigorous safety and performance criteria established for European road conditions.

– **Testing and Certification**: Likely subjected to rigorous testing procedures to verify its performance in various collision scenarios.

### Installation and Maintenance:

– **Installation Guidelines**: Proper installation according to manufacturer specifications and guidelines is crucial for optimal performance.

– **Regular Inspection**: Routine inspection and maintenance are recommended to ensure the system remains in proper working condition and is capable of providing adequate protection.

Overall, the Trend CEN End Terminal plays a vital role in enhancing road safety by protecting motorists from the potential hazards associated with the ends of guardrails. Its design and features are tailored to meet the specific requirements and standards of European road safety authorities. For precise details and specifications, consulting the manufacturer or distributor would provide the most accurate information regarding this specific product.

Trend CEN End Terminal Spec Sheet


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