Temporary Vehicles Exceeding Mass Sign

Temporary Vehicles Exceeding Mass Sign

A “Vehicles Exceeding Mass” sign is a regulatory traffic sign used to indicate restrictions on vehicles exceeding a certain weight limit on a particular road or bridge. It typically features a symbol of a truck or heavy vehicle with a weight limit displayed below it. The sign may also specify the maximum allowable mass in metric tons or in kilograms.

These signs are crucial for maintaining the structural integrity of roads and bridges by preventing overweight vehicles from causing damage. They are often placed strategically at entry points to bridges, tunnels, or roads where weight restrictions are in place due to safety concerns or infrastructure limitations.

Drivers of vehicles encountering a Vehicles Exceeding Mass sign must comply with the posted weight limit to avoid penalties, protect road infrastructure, and ensure safe passage for all road users. Regulatory enforcement typically monitors compliance with these restrictions to maintain road safety and infrastructure longevity.


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