Sony SA-RS3S 100W total Additional Wireless Rear Speakers

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Sony SA-RS3S 100W total Additional Wireless Rear Speakers

Composite image of a living room with sofa and surround sound system within a lush jungle setting.
Experience 360 Spatial Sound with compatible soundbars

Using 360 Spatial Sound Mapping technology, these wireless rear speakers work with our latest compatible soundbars to create multiple phantom speakers around your room. When you’re surrounded on all sides by multiple phantom speakers within an optimised sound field, you’ll hear every sound with incredible intensity. It’s like you and your living room are inside the movie.

Boost your surround sound experience

The HT-A7000 and HT-A5000 soundbars already offer immersive sound with a wider sweet spot so all the family can share the experience. Add the SA-RS3S wireless rear speakers and you’ll enjoy even more authentic home entertainment with sound behind and all around you.

Close up of SA-RS3S with tweeter and subwoofer visible
Clear, expansive sound

These two-way rear speakers feature both a woofer and a tweeter to achieve a rich, expansive soundstage with exceptional clarity.

Front image of SA-RS3S rear speakers side-by-side
Total 100W output

2 x 50W power output makes them the perfect support act for your soundbar, bringing movies and music to life.

Side diagonal close up of two SA-RS3S speakers
Omnidirectional Block Design

An ideal match for your soundbar whether wall-mounted or freestanding with sophisticated rounded edges representing a single solid block of wide-spreading sound.

Wi-Fi icon
Easy to set up

Simply power up the SA-RS3S rear speakers and they’ll automatically make a wireless connection with your soundbar. It’s quick and easy with no need for messy cables.


Combine these optional wireless rear speakers with your soundbar to create an even more cinematic surround sound experience.
  • Optional wireless rear speakers for your soundbar

  • Total 100W power output brings music and movies to life

  • Two-way speakers for clear, expansive sound

  • Wall mountable


Sony SA-RS3S 100W total Additional Wireless Rear Speakers


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