Folding Traffic Cone

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Folding Traffic Cone

Height: 700mm

A folding traffic cone is a portable and collapsible traffic control device used in various road, construction, and emergency situations. Here are the key features and characteristics of a folding traffic cone:

1. Design: Folding traffic cones are typically made from durable materials such as flexible PVC or nylon fabric. They are designed to collapse or fold flat for compact storage and easy transportation.

2. Structure: When extended, they resemble traditional traffic cones with a conical shape and a sturdy base for stability. The collapsible design allows them to be quickly deployed and set up as needed.

3. Visibility: Many folding traffic cones are equipped with reflective bands or strips to enhance visibility, especially in low-light conditions or during nighttime.

4. Versatility: These cones are used in various traffic management applications, including directing traffic flow, marking lanes, delineating construction zones, and guiding pedestrians.

5. Portability: Folding traffic cones are lightweight and compact when folded, making them easy to store in vehicles, emergency kits, or confined spaces.

6. Durability: They are designed to withstand outdoor conditions and frequent use, offering resilience to wind, rain, and vehicle impacts.

7. Ease of Use: They typically feature a pop-up or twist-lock mechanism for quick assembly and collapse, allowing for rapid deployment and removal.

8. Applications: Commonly used by law enforcement, emergency responders, road crews, and event organizers to manage traffic, ensure safety, and control access to specific areas.

Folding traffic cones provide a convenient and effective solution for temporary traffic control needs, offering flexibility, portability, and high visibility in various traffic and emergency scenarios.


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