EuroET Terminal

EuroET Terminal

The Euro ET™ appears to be a specific type of guardrail end treatment designed for European highways, closely related to the ET-Plus™ system. Here’s a breakdown of its description and benefits based on the information provided:

### Description:
– **Guardrail End Treatment**: The Euro ET™ is described as an advanced guardrail end treatment.
– **European Standards**: It meets or exceeds EN 1317-4 P4 criteria, which are European standards for road restraint systems.
– **Configuration**: It is uniquely configured to meet the safety specifications required for European highways.

### Benefits:
– **All Steel Construction**: The Euro ET™ is constructed entirely from steel, emphasizing durability and strength.
– **Easy Installation**: It is designed for easy installation and can be fitted directly onto traditional w-beam guardrails.
– **Reusable Head**: The ET Plus™ head, which is part of the Euro ET™ system, is designed to be reusable after a design impact, reducing replacement costs.
– **12 Meter Pay Length**: This likely refers to a standard length measurement, indicating the length of the guardrail or perhaps a specification related to installation or purchasing.

### Functionality:
Guardrail end treatments like the Euro ET™ are critical in road safety by:
– **Redirecting Vehicles**: They are designed to safely redirect vehicles away from the ends of guardrails during a collision.
– **Minimizing Impact**: By absorbing and dissipating kinetic energy, they reduce the severity of crashes and protect drivers and passengers.
– **Meeting Standards**: Adherence to EN 1317-4 P4 ensures that the Euro ET™ meets stringent European safety standards, ensuring reliability and effectiveness on European highways.

For those involved in road infrastructure projects or road safety installations in Europe, the Euro ET™ represents a robust option for guardrail end treatments, combining durability, ease of installation, and compliance with European safety standards.


Euro-ET-Terminal Spec Sheet


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