Dura-Post Delineator

Dura-Post Delineator

The Dura-Post Delineator is a type of road safety product commonly used for delineation and guidance purposes on roads and highways. Here are some key features and uses of Dura-Post Delineators:

1. **Material and Design**: Dura-Post Delineators are typically made from durable materials such as high-density polyethylene (HDPE) or other plastics. They are designed to be flexible yet resilient, able to withstand impacts from vehicles without breaking or causing damage.

2. **Visibility**: They are usually brightly colored (often orange or yellow) for high visibility during both daytime and nighttime conditions. Some may have reflective surfaces or striping to enhance visibility in low-light situations.

3. **Functionality**: Delineators are installed along roadways to mark lane boundaries, medians, curves, and other areas where visibility and guidance are necessary. They help guide drivers, especially in poor weather conditions or at night when lane markings might be less visible.

4. **Applications**: Dura-Post Delineators are commonly used in various traffic management scenarios such as construction zones, toll booths, parking lots, and along roadways undergoing maintenance or repairs.

5. **Installation**: They can be installed using various methods, including being mounted on base plates anchored to the road surface or directly into the ground. This flexibility makes them suitable for temporary and permanent installations.

6. **Benefits**: The primary benefits of Dura-Post Delineators include improved safety by clearly defining lanes and hazards, reducing the likelihood of accidents, and providing clear guidance for drivers in complex or changing road conditions.

Overall, Dura-Post Delineators play a critical role in enhancing road safety by improving visibility and guidance for drivers, thereby reducing accidents and improving traffic flow.


Dura-Post Delineator Spec Sheet


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