Dome Speed Hump

Dome Speed Hump

Metal Speed Bumps are designed to be highly visible and attractive on various surfaces like asphalt, brick paving, and concrete. This ensures that drivers notice them well in advance and have enough time to slow down. Built to last over 10 years, these speed bumps are robust enough to handle all kinds of vehicles, particularly heavy traffic and large vehicles. They are constructed from durable galvanized steel filled with dense concrete for added strength, requiring minimal maintenance. Each passing vehicle helps keep them clean and polished.

The Heavy Duty Anti-Slip Metal Dome is specifically suited for industrial settings, such as weigh bridges and industrial compounds. Its textured surface provides excellent traction, particularly in wet conditions.

However, a drawback of the standard metal speed bump is its potential to become slippery when wet, posing a safety risk for motorcycles, scooters, and other two-wheeled vehicles.

The Heavy Duty Anti-slip dome is ideal for use in areas with high 2 wheel vehicle traffic.  This product is ideal for use on Weigh bridges and in Trucking / transport compounds where traffic calming is necessary.

Any road surface where higher speed than the indicated speed limit occurs, or at dangerous intersections, which could include:
– Junctions or crossings
– Loading areas
– Factories and industrial sites
– Office parks
– Airports
– Shopping centres
– Dangerous bends
– Vehicle parking areas
– Residential areas, including complexes and estates

The Heavy Duty Anti-slip metal dome has a specific anti-slip textured surface for increased traction and decreased possibility of slipperiness. Extra thick metal is used to manufacture the Heavy Duty Anti-slip dome for added strength and durability.

– Unique patented design that effectively slows down vehicles
– High visibility silver contrast against any surface
– Durable – can withstand high traffic volumes over many years. We have installations that date back to 1990 and are still going strong!
– No maintenance galvanised high-impact steel construction
– No corrosion galvanised for long life
– Aesthetically pleasing
– Durable – we are so confident in our product we can offer a 10 year product guarantee
– Quick and easy to install
– This product is designed specifically for durability – Beware of cheap imitations
– No bolts required

Weight 5 kg


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