Delineator Rubber Base 600g

Delineator Rubber Base 600g

A delineator rubber base weighing 600g is a specific component used in traffic management and safety applications. HereÔÇÖs a breakdown of what it entails:

1. Purpose: The rubber base serves as a stable foundation for delineators, which are vertical posts or markers used to guide traffic, mark lanes, or highlight hazards.

2. Material: Typically made from durable rubber, these bases are designed to be heavy enough to keep the delineator stable in various weather conditions and against vehicle impacts.

3. Weight: The 2.5kg weight indicates the mass of the base, ensuring it provides sufficient stability while remaining manageable for installation and relocation as needed.

4. Features:
– Compatibility: Designed to accommodate standard delineator posts.
– Durability: Resistant to UV rays, weathering, and wear to maintain longevity.
– Versatility: Suitable for use in road construction, parking lots, pedestrian pathways, and other traffic management scenarios.

5. Applications: Used in conjunction with delineator posts to create clear visual guidance and improve safety for drivers, pedestrians, and workers in various environments.

Overall, the delineator rubber base with a 600g weight plays a crucial role in enhancing traffic control and safety measures by providing a stable and visible marker for directing traffic flow and ensuring orderly movement in designated areas.


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