Alpha 70K TMA

Alpha 70K TMA

The “Alpha 70K TMA” likely refers to a Truck Mounted Attenuator (TMA) used for road safety. TMAs are devices mounted on vehicles to absorb and redirect the impact of a crash away from both the vehicle and its occupants. They are commonly used in work zones and on highways to protect workers, drivers, and passengers from collisions with stationary or slow-moving vehicles.

The “Alpha 70K” part of the name might denote a specific model or type of TMA, possibly indicating its capacity or performance characteristics. TMAs are crucial in reducing the severity of crashes by absorbing kinetic energy and minimizing the likelihood of secondary collisions or injuries.

If you need more specific information about the Alpha 70K TMA or its applications, it might be best to contact the manufacturer or a road safety authority familiar with the product.




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